B arry Woods Johnston sculptures are acclaimed for their vitality and vision, as well as their elegant designs and masterful rendering. Few American sculptors have been honored with so many awards from their peers. As you view these eloquent 3-dimensional designs, enjoy the discovery of unmistakable quality and narrative richness which has always defined art of enduring value. Johnston’s life-size series of Shakespearean characters, as are his etchings on the Book of Job, as are his other art expressions revealing his personal faith, all show an intensity for life that inspires a concern for many vital issues in our society. Many sculptural themes are about family. But, if family brings happiness and well-being, faith is also rooted in a concern for deeper insights beyond self, spouse and siblings, as revealed in Christianity and the Jewish religion, as are insights revealed and rooted in metaphor, psychology and philosophy. Relationships between man and woman, relationships in the comradery of sports or in the tragedy of war, are expressed between the relationships of couples that have been created in bronzes of various sizes. And groups of figures are expressed in a compositional balance that reflects the unity and diversity of community. Although Johnston’s sculptures are realistic, they are relevant and compositionally modern.

Bather Fertility First Prince Cathedral Rock King Lear St Francis Orpheus Bureaucrat Mariner The Family Margrave Medallion

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