Barry Woods Johnston, Sculptor


Baltimore, Maryland

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28 Pages, 28 Illustrations,
Index, 11.1" x 8.6",
ISBN: 0-9620343-2-0 (pbk.)

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Sculpture of Barry Woods Johnston: Art of Enduring Value

†††† Enjoy this colorful coffee-table brochure of dynamic sculptures destined to become classics. This is a stunning display of 21 bronze and marble figurative works by the award-winning sculptor, with commentary by art critic Steve Mirabella.

†††† Art historian Michael Richman has written, "Barry Johnstonís sculptures are a celebration of life."

†††† American Arts Quarterly magazine, Spring 2001, says, "Barry Johnston is a master of sculptural movement ó the elusive quality that breathes life into senseless matter making sculpture vital."

†††† American Muse magazine, Fall 2000, wrote that Johnstonís works "bring us out of our daily materialism and into the heart of what is worthwhile."

†††† Indeed, as this brochure reveals, to view his works is truly inspiring. The quality of workmanship and vision, as well as the wide range of price and size, continues to delight collectors around the world.

†††† Barry Woods Johnston sculptures consistently receive the most esteemed sculpture awards. His works are being sought after by a public now ready for art that is not only imaginative and challenging, but has personal depth, meaning, beauty, quality, and enduring value.